Imagination Lab Testimonials

Drawing of Crayons

Imagine a place where healing intersects with creativity. 
Where untapped talents become pathways to recovery.

“A client of mine reported to me today that he is attending the dance groups and is excited about the west side story. He started tearing up when he talked about how he was treated with respect in the group and how he felt like his opinion mattered. “I am treated like a human being and not an addict”.


“Most of my life I’ve been labeled as quiet and withdrawn, or “always kept to herself.” This is kind of true, but I thought my actions and behaviors as I lived my life made me recognizable! This isn’t exactly wrong but I’ve been treated and accepted in a whole different way since I started this Lab. I took part in the Dance, Writing, and Art Labs. And in each session, more and more of my life and talent were exposed to people. These are the same people I saw daily, but rarely shared more than a hello or a smile. As the weeks progressed, we learned more and more of each other’s lives, private and public, and a sense of acceptance and “family” developed. As I shared more and more of my inner self, I began to be treated differently when we met. Conversations were shared, feelings were opened up to each other, and a true relationship began. What a great feeling, to be treated as SOMEBODY!”