DUI/DWI Education Programs

Since 2010, we have been licensed by the state of Maryland to provide an DUI/DWI Alcohol Education Program. We offer 12 and 26 week session options depending on your needs.


Clients are typically referred to these programs by:

  • A District/Circuit Court Judge
  • Administrative Law judge in the office of Administrative hearings (OAH)
  • MVA due to revoked license due to alcohol-related incident

Appointment Hours

Classes and Intakes are offered:

Tuesday and Thursday7:00am – 8:00pm by appointment
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7:00am – 3:00pm by appointment
Saturday9:00am – 11:00am by appointment

Our Services

This program complements the specializations of the clinical team and operates in the same philosophical model of all treatment services at Man Alive, Inc. A comprehensive assessment is conducted to evaluate the medical, mental health and social problems related to addiction with additional behavioral health treatment referrals being made as indicated:

  • We offer 12, and 26 week courses determined by comprehensive assessment
  • Can obtain any required urinalysis and breathalyzer results
  • Course topics include:
    • Values & myths surrounding the disease model of addiction
    • Physical and psychological dependence
    • Compulsive behaviors
    • Family impact
    • Stress and coping skills
    • Anger management
    • Relapse prevention


$60per Session
$200for Initial Intake Appointment